In BAMBA™ we meticulously produce music and sound design for commercials, shorts and feature films.

We fly fish the perfect reference to enhance the idea.

We compose and produce tailored tracks that will fit your edits like a silk glove.

Bamba Search

Our music supervisors know exactly how to blend music and image very well. They know every corner and hideaway of the perfect track. We searched under the chair, inside the fridge, the garage and in the trunk of the car. We turned everything upside down and it appeared. Here it is. All yours!



Tom Petty, Bjork, Pablo Lescano, The Beatles in one of your commercials? Got it!

Ahh, but you want to change the lyrics? No problem. We’ll license the rights and produce a new version.

Ok then, you want the rights to “Dancing Queen” and produce a punk version of it sung by Joe Cocker. Excellent!

Music Production & Composition.

Custom music, stitched and cut by hand. That’s when the edit says: “THANKS!”

Our creative producers work together with a global network of talents, producing music frame by frame to enhance every moment of the script.

Sound Design

We like our sound design to be handmade.

With chosen and meticulously placed sounds.

The exact voice to tell “that” and nothing else.

All together, mixed carefully. 

Sonic Branding & Music Strategy

We believe that it is a great idea for a brand to develop their identity through music and sound. Music has the gift of awakening emotions, triggering memories and inspiring. Personality is a precious gift these days!